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Who says only braces can be fun and colorful?  Now with Bling my Aligner™ you can customize your clear aligners! Bling, Click, Snap, Brush, Repeat!


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Our Story

These days getting braces can be so much fun! There are so many ways to personalize them as you wait for your teeth to adjust into the right spot. As an orthodontist for 15 years, and a mother, when my daughter, Olivia, was 9 years old, she started aligner treatment.

So you are probably wondering… where is the dilemma? We hear how awesome aligners are. They are clear, don’t hurt as much as traditional braces - all kinds of cool factors versus sporting a brace face. 

The problem is that Olivia wanted to customize her aligners like her friends that were customizing traditional braces - brace bling, different color rubber bands, etc.

Being the mom (and orthodontic genius) that I am, I decided to develop a solution to my daughter’s aligner customization needs. Introducing Bling my Aligner™, an aligner artistic kit that includes Non Toxic, FDA approved, food-grade paint that was initially designed for decorating cookies and cakes.  The kit also includes instructions, stencils, micro paint brushes, and decorating ideas.

In the last few years clear aligners have become more accessible to growing children and mixed dentition cases. As an Orthodontist, one of the challenges I’ve experienced both in working with patients and in working with doctors is that school-aged patients are hesitant to choose aligners over metal braces because they are “boring” and they love the fun colors and individuality of braces.

With Bling my Aligner™, young patients can now customize their aligners thus giving them the freedom to express their individuality and creativity on their orthodontic appliances. And the best part… the aligner paint washes off! So once kids are ready to clean their orthodontic canvas they can simply wash off the aligner paint with water and a toothbrush to get back to decorating a whole new design on their aligners.

Thanks to the latest developments being applied in the clear aligners market, younger patients with smaller teeth and shorter crowns can have their orthodontic needs met with clear aligners. This Phase 1 treatment is typically applied to patients ages 6 through 10 years of age. 

Bling my Aligner™ is an ideal incentive for these young patients to choose a healthier and more comfortable orthodontic solution, as well as, give them creative expression with their aligners.


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